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miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Guillermo Elliot The British Council / Mec Bilingual Project – a lesson in cross curricular, embedded learning - The children didn't find it difficult to identify with Billy, a kid who wanted to do his own thing. The Alcorcon cleaners' strike and the current crisis helped them to understand the history behind the England miners' strike of 1983. What's more it is much easier to find a brush and a mop than a miner's outfit!!!! The pound shop provided police helmets Book, film and theatre script were read, and the children loved clowning around in the act, rap, tap and ballet workshops. But most of all they enjoyed the acting; the whispering, the shouting, the balancing and the tumbling down. They enjoyed the way tutors, music teacher, music school, P.E., dance teachers and the English department all collaborated. They loved giving voice to the Jam, Bolan, Prodigy, The Clash, Elton John, with accompaniment on a cacophony of cymbals, xylophones, glockenspiels, violins, pianos and not to forget the swanny whistle and kazoo. They were proud to support their hard working and undervalued cleaning staff. In London the kids were simply overwhelmed watching the dancers of original musical production by Lee Hall and Stephen Daldry... ...though some of them felt that our own local hero, Sergio, did a better job of the singing than the professionals. Too right! Office for Standards in Education eat your heart out! Offic